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This all started with a few old photographs I found at auctions, in antique shops and at the flea markets.  I was intrigued by the faces, by the ole farmhouses and one-room cabins.  We call it now - the "simple life" but oh how hard it was back then.  And I thought to myself - how sad these people are gone and so forgotten.

My interest in history and genealogy has led me to making the decision to create a website giving credit to those wonderful ole photographers who captured the souls of so many and to attempt to reunite these forgotten souls with their rightful descendents. 

I would appreciate any help or comments you might be willing to offer.  Many of the photographs that will be posted online are available to be copied or may be purchased if a family relationship can be proven.  Every photograph has been researched as thoroughly as possible and I have mountains of notes regarding my research of the individuals and their families for which I can not even attempt to include here - so be sure and inquire for additional information.

I try hard to establish the accuracy of the content on my website but as often times many of you may know, the old records themselves are not correct.  Feel free to address any inconsistencies you may find by supplying documentation or references for the information you may wish to offer.

Please enjoy my "endless project" and I  look forward to visiting with many of you as we pursue together the task of putting names to the faces, identifying the unknown locations, honoring the photographers and rediscovering the legacies which were left to us so many years ago.
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